The Naked Vocalist | Advice and Lessons on Singing Technique, Voice Care and Style - Chris Johnson and Steve Giles

Episode 40 – Choir Voice Training | The Dreaded Voice Break

May 30, 2016


0:58 Music from Keith Daniel Washo
9:13 Chris talks about breathing techniques in Switzerland
10:04 Steve talks about his new project:
15:11 Listener question: why am I losing my voice when I sing with my choir? 
32:45 Listener question: how do I teach an adolescent male through the voice break?
40:26 Video of the week - MRI scanner singing 

Pop or 'contemporary' choirs are all the rage these days. They create a great social environment for members and a chance to sing for fun! But, what happens if you're losing your voice after every session? And why is it happening? Should we be paying more attention to that? We go in hard on pop choirs in our first listener question.

We also have a cracking listener question via Snapchat. A common topic - how to help young boys through the voice break. It can be an emotional time for singer and teacher. We give our input! 

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