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Episode 17 - Essential Skills For Todays Vocalist | Joshua Alamu

July 14, 2014

Today's show is with Josh Alamu. 

Josh is a brilliant coach who’s popularity is growing to astronomical levels across the globe with every year that passes. He started out life as a backing vocalist working with artists like Joss Stone, and was helped on that journey as a young singer by two industry giants; David and Carrie Grant. 

During the earlier part of his career, Josh became familiar with legendary technique Speech Level Singing (SLS) and eventually certified as an instructor. That is how we all became aware of each other, as we too were part of SLS for a while.

Over recent years, Josh has worked as a coach on Pop Idol, The Voice series 1 & 2, choir talent show Don’t Stop Believing.

Currently he has a rock school in Malta which he visits regularly, a busy studio in Hampstead, London, and he has just written the first in a series of books called Mad About Vocal Style:

We talk all about essential skills for a singer in this episode including technique, style and work ethic. It's a valuable hour so please join us! Also, jump on over to our website for more wonderful content:

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