The Naked Vocalist | Advice and Lessons on Singing Technique, Voice Care and Style - Chris Johnson and Steve Giles

Episode 33 - NYE Listener Show | Adele | Fave Vowels | Bieber | Painful Moments

December 31, 2015

Yes yes yes! We got some listeners on the show to talk about anything and everything, and some of the conversation got out of hand. Standard.

In this show we talk to our listeners about these cracking subjects:

Favourite vowels to get you in the good place 

Why New York is such a great place to live 

How much does your voice type matter in your style? 

Painful singing moments 

How not to deal with forgetting your words in a performance. 

How Justin Bieber can help you sing. 

How much do I need to open my mouth when I sing? 

How the default vocal settings work for and against men and/or women? 

Does Adele 'pull chest' in a bad way? 

Why Adele's 'Hello' is hard to sing! 

How to find where YOUR voice should sit. 

What does 'natural' voice even mean and should I copy a successful singer? 

How to remember the names of people you meet. 

Mongolian throat singing

What a feast! Join us for more at

Happy New Year!!!

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