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Episode 37 - Laryngitis Problems | How To Choose A Voice Coach

April 20, 2016

6:25 We learn a little bit of Chinese
11:30 What are you doing for world voice day?
13:37 What is Laryngitis and how much does it affect singers?
33:35 What should I look for in a vocal coach?

Today we discuss laryngitis! If you're a singer you would, for sure, been scuppered by this pesky little monkey. Where does it come from? What to do if you have a gig AND whether or not you should you sing on it? (The answer to that is no by the way... we didn't want to leave that one open ended). All questions answered!

We have another listener question which asks: what should I look for in a vocal coach. Can be a tricky decision to make, especially when some cost hundreds for 20 minutes. What should you look for and how should you choose? Look no further singers! 

Welcome to The Naked Vocalist singing podcast. Whether you are a pro singer, novice, a performer or a vocal coach, there's something in here for you. 

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