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Episode 45 - Karin Titze Cox, speech pathologist | Muscle tension in singing | Is whispering really bad?

December 16, 2016

Time stamps:

7.37 Should extrinsic muscles be used in singing? Should we be disengaging as much as possible?
14.42 Does whispering make you more hoarse? What does the science say?
19.10 How can I find out more about formants and harmonics? Why should I?
27.45 Why are some singers vibrato fast and some slow? Can you change it?
32.54 Karin listens to a listener's voice and gives her verdict
45.20 The PAVA organisation and the vocal tract simulator
53.29 The premier of Dr Ingo Titze's brand new video explaining the scientific ins and outs of the straw, straw therapy and semi occluded exercises for singing

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